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Raffle for Field Repair

       Ed Paasch has generously started a raffle to raise money to help repair the field.  Tickets are $10.00 each and you can purchase them from Ed Paasch.  For more information E-Mail Ed at: bigedmustafa@hotmail.com    Details

       Be sure to help our club and buy a ticket.  This raffle should raise about $1,000.00 for the club and all of it will go to field repair.

       If you would rather have cash you can collect $800.00 in place of the raffle prize.

Donate for Field Repair

       Anyone wishing to donate $100.00 towards the Rebuild “The Field” project can send these funds to the Club Secretary at the address listed below.  This Project could not start in 2011 because of the wet condition of the field.  Thank You to all that contributed to the Rebuilding of “The Field”.  


David J. Karl - AMA #5783 / IMAA #21320

Secretary / Treasurer / CD

Twin Cities Eagle Squadron - AMA Chapter #3680

Loess Hills Eagle Squadron - IMAA Chapter #192

2302 Nottingham Drive,  Bellevue, NE  68123

(402) 291-4114   djkarl@cox.net

Club Web Site:  www. twincityeagles.org


       This is a picture of the Twin City Field sent in by David Karl that shows the Flood Damage.

Dave says to note the trench that was dug to drain the center of the field.