Twin Cities Eagle Squadron


       To all who read this - Greetings
Current Membership is 48 - Dues are $75.00 for Renewal, $50.00 for New Membership.
If you know of anyone who has not joined or someone who is interested in starting in the hobby, have them contact me at the address below.
The weather is finally turning nice so let's get the Field Permits and start flying.
       Thank You for your time.
David J. Karl - AMA #5783
Secretary / Treasurer / Contest Director
Twin Cities Eagle Squadron - AMA Chapter #3680 Loess Hills Eagle Squadron - IMAA Chapter #192
2302 Nottingham Drive, Bellevue, NE 68123
Home (402) 402-291-4118
Mobile:  402-212-2642
Club Web Site: www.  Posted 4/6/2013

New Field Requirement

       At the suggestion of several officers of the club, I have started a new Field Permit System.

Since we no longer have the Radio Impound, all Field Permits will have a clip attached that can be clipped to your shirt, cap or radio.

The Field Permit lamination has a slot in it for the clip that will be available at the club meeting.

       For those who already have their permits, the clips will also be available from any club officer at the field.

       You must have your field permit displayed anytime that you are at the field.

This will help to identify current club members.

Thank You

David J. Karl

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Welcome to the Twin Cities Eagles


       Please email photos and information on your airplanes and projects so we can share them with our members and visitors.
       Our field is located in Council Bluffs, Iowa near the intersection of I-80 & I-29.
       On I-29 just north of I-80 take the Nebraska Ave exit and go west toward the Ameristar Casino. As you are about to enter the casino area, turn south onto S River Rd. You can't miss it . The Field is on the east side of the road.  For more information check the map. 
Click Here for Map

How to "Renew" your Membership.



       Here is the procedure to renew your Twin Cities Eagle Squadron Field Permits.

       When you receive your 2012 AMA Membership Card, mail a check for $75.00 to David Karl and include your Name, You're Current AMA Card, Address, Phone Number and Email Address so I can update the club roster if necessary.

       I will confirm your AMA status thru the AMA Web Site. When I see that your AMA is current for the year, I will send your Field Permit to you.

       If you want to include a copy of your AMA Membership Card, that will also work.

David J. Karl # 5783
Secretary / Treasurer / Contest Director
Twin Cities Eagle Squadron, Inc.

AMA Chapter # 3680

2302 Nottingham Drive, Bellevue, NE 68123

Special Offer for New Members.


       For 1st time club members, we offer a first-year special membership fee of $50.00. To join the club, you must have a current AMA membership/number. If you have not gotten your AMA card, you may click on this link to join. Once you have joined AMA, mail a check for $50.00 to David J. Karl at 2302 Nottingham Drive, Bellevue, NE 68123.  Please include your name, AMA number, address, phone number and email address.  David will confirm your AMA status through the AMA website and will then send you your permit.  You may also include a copy of your AMA Membership Card if you have already received one. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact David Karl.  We support all kinds of aircraft and pilots and have club members available to help you get started if you are new to the hobby.

       So come out and join one of the friendliest clubs in the area!

Thursday Evening Training with

Bob English


       First we would all like to thank Bob for all his hard work organizing our training program. He is a great asset to our club and other clubs in the area.  Bob does a great job introducing new flyers to our hobby with an obvious love for what he does.  So when you see Bob tell him "Thank You".
       Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned flyer and would like to help, for info on our training program, you can contact Bob at either of the following numbers:
Bob English - Home: 402-331-2357,

Cell: 402-312-8830, E-Mail Bob

Jake Fahn with his 35% Edge 540.

Pete Rosas with his 35% and 40% Edge 540's

Note From The President

       Hi, I am the president, some like to refer to me as Dick-Tator.  When I got into office, the first thing I did was to abolish all meetings. The speech that I give every year and which keeps getting me re-elected is, "If you want the long version and have 30 minutes to kill, call".

       The only reason we have a club is so we have a place to get away.  The club's sole purpose is to maintain a field so we can fly our toy airplanes and organize a few fun flys.

It's not for having monthly meetings that end up being gripe sessions and make a million rules that start to exclude people. 

       We welcome all types of aircraft and all styles of flying.  We are in this together and people sometimes forget that.  Whatever you like, there is a group here for you.  However, if you like structure and meetings, this is not your field. We are an AMA field and meet all requirements to be one.

We follow the standard safety AMA rules.  Our idea of structure is getting together for lunch and talking airplanes.  If you are looking to escape the stresses of every-day life and get away to a place where "Every body knows your name," you have found it.  If not, I am positive there is someone out there willing to take your money and tell you what to do.  (Oh ya, that's our government) 

       Thank You.  Pete Rosas

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